Property Management Elevated

Particle Space is a revolutionary web-based application that simplifies property management. The application allows you to manage all of your buildings in a sleek, 3-dimensional chalkboard with real-time data. No matter where you are you can always manage your property with confidence.

Flexible and Scalable

Particle Space is built to be flexible which means to also be scalable.  We are always looking to implement new features that help you manage and grow your property.  In addition, we are always looking to work with our property managers directly to implement custom and global features; systems to give you more bang for your buck.


Particle Space’s design is setting a new bar in the capabilities of online property management. A powerful, uncluttered design was strongly emphasized during the initial building process of Particle Space. Other property management applications bombard their customers with a messy, list-like format. We pride ourselves in our modern, clean, and beautiful application because we know that you will be able to easily navigate Particle Space from day one.    


Particle Space is built to be usable no matter where you are.  When you are on the go, in your office, or even on a plane, Particle Space will be fully accessible.  We made it so you can access your property on any device: desktop, laptop, or mobile devices.

why we are the better management solution


Particle Space understands the value of every dollar. Particle Space charges a flat fee of $0.90 per space, per month. No startup fees and no other hidden fees. Our customers pay for what they use and nothing more. We are confident that our property managers will be pleased with the value that their money is providing them.


  • 3D Manageable Buildings
  • Interactive buildings, floors, and spaces
  • Buildings, floors, and spaces are fully customizable
  • Real time notifications
  • Color coded spaces
  • Data graphs on tenants, leases, and more
  • Group your buildings
  • Template saving
  • Easy integration
  • and a whole lot more to love

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Property Management Elevated

With our revolutionary property management software, you’re job just got easier.  Particle Space gives you the ability to manage all your property with our first of its kind, 3D management system that runs with real time data.  So no matter where you are; you can always manage your property with confidence.

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