A complete building integration platform

Our building integration service provides a powerful single API to communicate with existing and new building systems like access control, cameras, and BMS products

Full-integration for any building management solution

Scale with you

Particle Space can help automate your building integrations work flow. Use our simple API to bring together customers' buildings into one place


Our integration service has countless protocols and support for different industry leading building systems. Allowing you to plug-n-play into your own software solution

Configurable for any use case

Whether you’re a startup building an access control product or need an internal tool to manage buildings. Our solution makes it easy

How it works

Integrate our API service within your product and begin connecting to your buildings
Request data as needed from building systems like temperatures, camera feeds, and more. You can even request doors to be opened, temperatures to be changed, and more
Get breakdown of historical data from your buildings activity to be used for building your own monitoring solution. Setup notifications or trigger alarms if temperatures get to high or low and we can notify

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Create an account and start building your building’s platform or feature faster – no payment information required to get started. Contact us if you’d like a customized package

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