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How Intelligent Space Management Gives You Complete Awareness

The building management industry is lacking in terms of cloud technology integration. Up to now there have been few options for companies to manage their space from afar. You can get property management applications that enable you to screen tenants and take payments. You can also buy building automation systems but these can be expensive, proprietary and can need costly updates every few years.

Using powerful 3D technology, Particle Space centralizes all of your data and enables you to see the status and events of your properties. Our platform integrates into virtually any building structure and will communicate with your existing sensors. This allows our platform to map each sensor and show status and alerts for every building, floor, and room integrated into our system. We have great partners that offer affordable installations for many types of sensor technology; however, you’re not required to purchase any hardware to use our product.

You might be thinking, “Cool, how does it connect my tenant or work order information?” Great question! When you create your building within our platform, you can associate spaces to leases and work orders. These spaces will change color based on the priority and status of a lease or work order.

Our Intelligent Space Management provides powerful insight on your buildings by monitoring numerous aspects of your properties. For instance, we’ll monitor your temperature and door entries and by using machine learning, provide recommendations on temperature settings. This will help reduce cost on heating and cooling a building. We will also automate key work flow processes for managing property, reducing the amount of time property managers have to spend on smaller items, such as assigning work orders to contractors, rent collection, screening tenants, and more.

At Particle Space, we see a future where all space is interactive.

If you’d like to learn more about what we do or to schedule a demo, contact us here.

– making all space interactive