A complete rental data platform

Particle Space provides a simple to use API service that gives you important rental information on your market. Curate rent estimates, property value, and machine learning insights on places to buy

Full-integration for any real estate solution

Insights powered by AI

Particle Space uses artificial intelligence with machine learning to process real estate data to give accurate and future insights


The API service we provide can be added in minutes and plugged into any real estate application for immediate value

Configurable for any use case

Whether you’re a startup building a rental listings product or need an internal tool for investment opportunity. Our solution makes it easy

The easiest way to get rental data

We’ll provide you with rent suggestions based on property location in lighting speed making it easy for you to build comprehensive systems
We use powerful AI with ML to provide suggestions on hot markets to get into
Use our trends service to get rental data insights and see the data to run your own analytics
Suggested Rent
Suggested Markets

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