Build real estate into
your products

Particle Space is the fastest way to build real estate apps, websites, or features for your business.
Build in minutes, launch in weeks.

Build <span style="text-decoration:underline;">real estate</span> into 
your products

Building the future of proptech services

Why Particle Space

The easiest way to offer
powerful proptech features

Grow revenues and delight your customers by building proptech features into your product. Particle Space owns the heavy lifting of real estate services so you can build, launch, and grow faster.
Build in minutes, launch in weeks
Build unique features using our suite of APIs, developer tools, and guides to launch in as little as five weeks.
Flexible and customizable
Offer unique features and terms that work for your users. Customize the experience with Particle Space's flexible API.
Built for scale
Fast, reliable, and secure platform that is trusted by start-ups and leading companies.

For Developers

Designed for

Discover how you can build proptech features in minutes with Particle Space's powerful API, Dashboard, SDKs, and white-labeled UIs.

Our Solutions

Reimagine your product with
forward-thinking solutions

Empower your users by building property investment, listings, maintenance,
and leasing products — as easy as plug-and-play.

Property Data

Real time access to millions of properties for sale, rent, and off-market with a simple API or UI Dashboard.


Customize workflows using our APIs or white-labeled UIs for any feature or product.

Property Management

Fully programmable API Services to embed or build your own platform.

Bring proptech features to life and start building today

The proptech infrastructure for the internet

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