Empowering companies
to achieve more

Particle Space is building the platform to power the next generation of real estate services. Our simple and powerful proptech-as-a-service API helps companies launch new proptech products in weeks - not years.

Our vision

Making real estate technology
accessible to all

Particle Space is a technology company that is building the real estate infrastructure for the internet. Businesses of every size—from new startups to large companies—use our software to build online real estate products.

What we do

The future of
proptech as a service

Particle Space's Dashboard and suite of APIs, SDKs, and white-labeled UIs enables developers to build real estate features into their product — property data, property management, maintenance, custom notification workflows, and more.

How we do it

Meet our

We’ve combined years of tech and expertise to build a revolutionary API. Particle Space owns all the heavy lifting on tech, real estate relationships, and empowering founders and developers to build real estate features in minutes.

The tech stack

Creating the new real
estate tech stack

Particle Space combines modern API services with applications that handle all the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on your business and keeping your customers happy.

Real Estate APIs

APIs Platform

At our core is a powerful real estate service layer that makes building applications easy


Our cloud-based infrastructure provides reliability, scalability and security

Our family

The team powering
Particle Space

David Biga

CEO & Founder


Software Engineer


Software Engineer


Software Engineer

Bring proptech features to life and start building today

The proptech infrastructure for the internet

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