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Leasey, a modern property management platform for independent landlords and property managers, continued to grow its customer base with its ease of use and taking the hassle out of day-to-day operations.


With a growing user base and requests for features, Leasey began to explore how to build out its technology stack to further support its users in their digital transformation of property management. With a small yet agile team, they now faced deciding whether to build or buy.  Looking at factors across monetary and opportunity costs, time to market, and the complexity of the build, Leasey was looking for the right tools for their needs.


After discovering and conducting a thorough Build vs. Buy breakdown with the Particle Space team, Leasey incorporated the easy-to-access APIs into its stack. The option allowed its team to save 30% on development costs, increased their GTM date by more than three weeks, and allowed the team to focus on the customer experience and growing their business.


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Leasey is a property management platform for individual landlords and small to mid-sized property management companies.

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