Building a maintenance platform


Alex, a software engineer, was approached by a local management company for a custom application to help their maintenance team with repair and other tenant requests. With more properties added to their portfolio, Alex was tasked to support the maintenance team to keep on top of critical maintenance, day-to-day operations, and streamline communication.


With the application being integrated with their current website and portal, Alex needed pre-built yet customizable solutions that offered her to focus on the user experience, not building out all the back-end complexities. In addition, she needed to help the team transition from checklists, spreadsheets, and sticky notes to updated workflows to keep tenants happy.


With the templates and solutions from Particle Space, Alex was able to build out ticket assignments via text and email to the team, so they never missed a beat. As a result, the management company now had a unified view of the maintenance team’s requests, schedules, workers, and more, creating data and insights that led to more efficient work management and improved resident satisfaction.


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