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Particle Space is a complete proptech-as-a-service platform. We provide property data, maintenance, and property management with all the features you need so that you can build the proptech solution that customers expect.

Our Features


Track, manage, and report on all of your systems’ activities with robust API logs and recent activity.

Manage your account, data, and API keys.


Stay up to-date with your teams todo and current monthly task progress to have a successful month across all divisions.


Look up your developer logs to see the latest requests or pull historical data for internal use. You can also view these developer event logs inside your developer portal here

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Forecasting Services

Run analysis on a rental property to get a live preview of projections from nightly Airbnb rates in your area and traditional average rent in your area. Giving you income estimates based on current average occupancy rates.

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Validate your customers addresses.

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We’ll handle the complex geospatial lookup to pull nearby building addresses for doing additional property lookups.

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Access a addresses property boundary data for customized mapping.

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Embed fully automated maintenance workflows to handle the heavy-lifting to give your customers immediate access to maintenance reporting capabilities.

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We automatically manage all the alerting through text or email with customizability through our APIs to give your customers the best experience of being notified when it matters.

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Bring proptech features to life and start building today

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