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Team Management

Workspace by Particle Space is a complete all-in-one team management platform. We give your real estate business the features you need to manage day-to-day operations and keep yourself and your team on what matters most.

Workspace Features


Stay up to-date with your teams todo and current monthly task progress to have a successful month across all divisions.

Properties CRM

Create a single database of all of your properties that can be assigned members who are responsible for. Track people, tasks, and documents related to specific address. Enjoy AI-features such as Social Media by AI content creation tools to save your marketing team on writing content for advertising rentals or for sale homes.


Enjoy two-auth authentication and use your phone number to always login to your account. Enjoy top notch encryption and storage of documents and data across teams and organizations. Rest easy as we use only the most secure protocols and development practices.


All Particle Space customers have full access to our dedicated technical support from day one.

Task Management

Workspace task management allows you to assign people, properties, and documents to single or multiple tasks. Set due dates, be notified on changes, and stay up-to-date with SMS and Email notifications.

Team Management

Bring your team together in one location. Manage app permissions to keep members organized and broadcast messages to all members on important updates.

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