Your real estate team collaboration

Team, task, and asset management tools
supported by AI. Built on top of the
Particle Space Connect platform.

Your <span style="text-decoration:underline;">real estate</span> team collaboration <br/>platform.

Why Workspace

Real Estate teams
achieve more

Leverage our AI-driven task, team, and asset management platform to revolutionize your real estate operations, empowering teams to achieve unparalleled efficiency and collaboration. Harness the power of advanced analytics and automation to optimize resource allocation, streamline workflows, and ultimately drive success in a highly competitive market.
Data-driven decision making
Leverage our AI-powered platform to make better decisions, streamline operations, and marketing. Maximizing returns and driving success.
Improved collaboration
Facilitate seamless communication and coordination among team members, fostering a cohesive and agile work environment.
Enhanced efficiency
Streamline real estate processes and workflows, reducing manual work and increasing overall productivity.

Our Solution

Reimagine your productivity with a
forward-thinking platform

Discover how your real estate team can connect, collaborate, grow, and increase daily efficiencies through our Workspace platform.

Team Task Management

A single platform for your organization to assign, report, update, document, and collaborate on everyday operations. Link properties to people.

Asset Management

Centralize your properties in a single CRM. Track property data, records, who is in charge, and AI generated content.

Team Management

Invite your organization to collaborate in one comprehensive solution. Perfect for MLS, Brokers, Agents, and Management Companies. Broadcast company messages through SMS or Emails and manager user access permissions.

Tenant Chatbot Support

Let our platform help your team handle issues tenants are having through AI technology. We help your tenants figure out a problem as if you are talking to them. If nothing is resolved, we submit a ticket for you.

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