With more businesses shutting down, property and facility managers are being forced to stay home, it’s becoming increasingly more important to be able to remotely maintain your buildings operations and health. Over at Particle Space, we are doing everything we can to help enable property and facility managers to control and monitor their buildings from the comfort of their home.

Here are some helpful ways to utilize Particle Space:

1. Monitor & Control Buildings

Particle Space enables you to stay connected to your building from anywhere through one simple dashboard.

  • Building Monitoring: Monitor camera feeds, water lines, HVAC systems, and fire alarms
  • Building Controls: Lock doors, turn off lights, and adjust temperatures
  • Critical Notifications: Receive critical notifications of systems that need attention

In order to help ease the stress and burden caused by COVID-19, we are offering free camera integrations for all property and facility managers.

2. Tenant Management

With the current pandemic, property managers are challenged with performing tenant tasks while also practicing social distancing. Particle Space enables you to perform numerous tenant operations via one mobile application:

  • Background Screening: Screen potential future tenants
  • Lease Management: Upload and track all tenant leases
  • Rent Collection: Automated rent and late fee collection

3. Work Order Management

With Particle Space, managers can handle maintenance issues without stepping foot in the building. Below are some of the features available for work order management:

  • Submit Work Orders: Tenants and managers can submit work orders
  • Assign Repair: Assign vendors or 3rd parties
  • Work Order Status: All parties receive updates as maintenance progresses

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