4 Frequently Asked Questions About Leasing

As a landlord, leases are a crucial factor when renting a property. There are several questions you might have when it comes to lease notices or how to deal with tenants that aren’t following the lease guidelines. In this article,

Why You Should Require Renter’s Insurance

As a landlord or property manager, you might have wondered if you should require your tenants to have renter’s insurance. Renter’s insurance can protect you, your property, and tenants. In this article you will learn the benefits of requiring renter’s

How to Collect Rent for Free

Collecting rent is a crucial part of managing a property. There are several ways that you can collect rent that will make the process smooth and efficient. Establishing a primary method of collecting rent makes it easier to keep track

15 Tips for Increasing Rental Property ROI

In this article you will learn 15 different ways you can increase your rental property ROI. 1. Reassess Market Rental Rates Rental Rates that push outside of the market will lead to higher tenant turnover and rental rates below the

How to be a Landlord – A Step by Step Guide

Are you looking to start making passive income through rental properties? Then follow our simple steps to learn how to be a landlord and start cashing rental checks in no time. Step 1: Buy Property Purchasing property is an obvious

3 Ways to Protect your Rental Income during COVID-...

Concerned about the financial impacts on your business due to lost rental income during COVID-19? This article will provide 3 ways in which you can protect your rental income during a pandemic. #1: Assure Future Rent Payments. One in four

A Guide to Getting Tenants Financial Help during C...

With more workers being laid off or losing hours due to the coronavirus pandemic, property managers are growing nervous that tenants will not be able to pay rent in the upcoming months. If this occurs, it will put a tremendous

The Future of Property Insurance

Smart sensors that detect things like temperature, motion, water, and more, are no longer a luxury for the few. Technology has improved, prices have dropped, and now we’re seeing smart sensors pop up everywhere. It’s only a matter of time

How Intelligent Space Management Gives You Complet...

The building management industry is lacking in terms of cloud technology integration. Up to now there have been few options for companies to manage their space from afar. You can get property management applications that enable you to screen tenants

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