A Year in Review

As we close our 2022 and look forward to the future of 2023 – we want to recognize and thank our team and customers for all the support that has made it possible to get to this point so far.

Here are just a few of the accomplishments by our team this year:

  1. Released 4 different platforms and 20 different services. 
  2. Recorded over 200k in pubic property records since September of ’22.
  3. Processed over $2M in rent.
  4. Helping 60 businesses build Real Estate tech with our APIs and solutions.
Leasey – our property management platform for landlords and small property managers.

Leasey JP – our Japan Credit Card Rent collection platform.

Roperty – our open sourced property database and API

Properly – our free Google Chrome extension that supports live property lookup while looking at your emails in gmail.

Connect – our core platform that provides APIs to make building and connecting Real Estate data easier.

This year has been filled with challenges that we overcame every step.  This is evident with our progress and the team standing with us today.

Heading into '23 & The Future of Proptech

2023 is just a few days away and we have some major goals we are aiming for.  From furthering our connectivity tools and operation tools for Real Estate businesses.  We also aim to grow our team and expand work to grow our partnership channels.  

The Proptech industry, not just in the US, has a major need for operations and connectivity.  Too many platforms, systems, and businesses are isolated to their own corners.  For example, in the USA, as American’s struggle to buy homes or rent, tools need to change to create dynamic and unique ways of enabling a population to build wealth but also improve costs on every side of Real Estate business.  

Proptech needs to change to get creative that enables pooling of people to buy homes, condos, and or sublease apartments as revenue streams.  Businesses need efficiencies that enable them to build new revenue streams and support new opportunities.    

At Particle Space, I can’t wait for us to roll out the tooling and technical services that help Software Engineers, Real Estate Agents, Real Estate Brokers, Real Estate Property Managers & Owners in 2023.

The future is bright and the future is Proptech.  Let’s get there together.

Happy New Year

David Biga

CEO & Founder

The proptech infrastructure for the internet

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