Join us, July 23rd – 24th for the “Hack Midwest” hackathon.  We are sponsoring with a challenge for a chance to win a “Creality CR-10 V3 3D Printer w/ Titan Direct Drive“.

Company Challenge: Best use case using Particle Space’s APIs

Rules: Build a mobile app, web app, or API service that integrates a useful use case with our API services.

Judging Criteria: We’ll be looking for two things.  One, how helpful the product is to the real estate industry or the industry you are needing real estate-specific services/data for.  Second, how many of our services were integrated into the product to build your solutions.

Getting Started: 

1. Create a free developer account under – you will be able to generate your API Keys for authentication here.

2. Read our public documentation:

3. Create a public GitHub repository.  We will request the link to the repo link after the match to showcase.

Suggestions & Help:

1. We have a free ReactJS starter kit that utilizes our data and geospatial services to create a mapping service of property data with Google Maps.  Download it here:

2. Docs:

3. Real Estate is a booming industry for technology products.  One area known as Proptech (property technology) has seen a large increase in meaningful products from on-demand home service apps to rental platforms and property management software.  If you are struggling to think of an idea, we recommend thinking of a feature of a platform that is around real estate data like an investor or listing platform.  You can think of for instance.

To apply and read more about Hack Midwest.  Go to 

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