ChatGPT in Real Estate Through APIs

Overview There is a lot to be said about the hype, ChatGPT, and the impact it has made on the long running conversation of AI. ChatGPT just happened to be the trigger to bring AI into everyone’s lives — adding fuel

Creating a Single, Open Sourced MLS API

Overview There have been many initiatives to centralize MLS information through a single API. Which, Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO), is a good example of their progress in creating the single API standard. But, there is something that can be gained

Connecting the Real Estate World to the Digital Wo...

Overview As we kickoff our first-ever newsletter of our new series “APIs for Real Estate”. Our aim is to provide thoughts, tips, and solutions around all things related to APIs for the Real Estate industry. I’d like to layout some

A Year in Review – The Future is Proptech

A Year in Review As we close our 2022 and look forward to the future of 2023 – we want to recognize and thank our team and customers for all the support that has made it possible to get to

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