Particle Space started with a mission to help improve the daily tasks for property and building managers. Helping them manage tenants, buildings, financials, and general day-to-day operations. Throughout this journey, we’ve been able to help solve and improve the operations of 300+ property managers through a robust automated property management platform.

During that time we noticed a clear rise in obstacles with building real estate products and integrations within the sector of residential property management. With the rise of property technology (proptech). One frequent questions we were asked: “Can we use Particle Space to integrate into this service?”. As anyone who comes from the property management software industry might know, most technology providers keep their integrations or APIs private. Charging integration partners monthly or yearly dues.

As a small startup, we couldn’t afford the cost to integrate into certain products, forcing us to build internally the new features or tools to bring customers what they wanted. As you can imagine, the game of the never-ending build cycle continued. One day, as we were strategizing about our roadmap and direction for the company, we thought; “What if we could take all our technology we created and allow our competitors to become our customers and make it easy for anyone to build connecting tools or products in the real estate industry?”. 

This conversation spiraled into a firestorm of amazing ideas and opportunities with potential partners, investors, and customers. Here we are today, to announce our new vision and goals. Particle Space aims to create the backbone for the real estate internet by making it easy for businesses, startups, and individuals to build a real estate (proptech) feature or platform in minutes. By providing a suite of API services, UIs, and Dashboards we’re making the future of real estate technology scalable, easy, and affordable. 

To date, we’ve raised over $650K in July 2021 and have doubled our team size to bring on a world class team to support the growing needs in proptech.  We’re seeing the boom of real estate technology with the highest ever recorded investment for the industry in 2021.  Having over $9 billion investment.

We believe that it is our responsibility as technology experts to help support the infrastructure for real estate technology by bringing world-class technology to the over-due industry of real estate.   

If you’re building proptech features, platforms, or apps and would like to learn how Particle Space helps.  Book a demo with us. If you’re excited about what we are building, take a look at our careers.



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