KANSAS CITY — Particle Space, a Kansas City startup focused on artificial intelligence and smart sensors in property and building management, was recognized this week by Intercon as one of the nation’s top 50 tech companies.

The Kansas City-based company gives residential and commercial property and building managers a single, intelligent platform to manage and minimize all of their expenses. Their virtually hardware-less platform enables existing building sensors to be connected to Particle Space, removing the need for complex and expensive communication platforms.  

“The future is bright, all buildings will communicate every interworking detail.  With this in mind, we’ve designed and prepared our platform to enable one place for buildings to communicate this information.” said Creator & Founder David Biga. “It’s an honor to have that hard work recognized in such a meaningful way at Intercon.”

Particle Space’s technology will monitor in real-time and alert managers to unusual temperature changes and water leaks before they become a bigger problem. In addition, Particle Space tracks leases, late rent payments, work orders, and more. That way, the property manager can easily manage their money and keep their tenants happy while erasing the need for multiple applications to manage their property.

“Particle Space is about combining property and building management.  Streamlining all of the things a property or building manager has to think about in one place,” Biga said. “Where some managers will spend their valuable time, money, and manpower chasing down late payments or apologizing for lost work orders, Particle Space eliminates all of those headaches.  Not to mention, providing real-time monitoring for critical events, like a flood, which allows tackling of a water leak before the tenant even notices!”

Dubbed “The Internet Conference,” Intercon’s mission is “to enable [its] participants [to] better understand how internet companies are changing the face of businesses and driving the new global economy, by bringing together key decision makers, thought leaders and influencers on a common platform.”

In its second year, the conference brings together movers and shakers in SaaS, IoT, e-commerce, artificial intelligence and machine learning, blockchain, cloud computing, app development, marketing, and investing.

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