At Particle Space, one of the most common questions we hear is about accessing real estate data.  This can range from MLS feeds, commercial information, geospatial, occupancy, rent comps, or public land information.


As the Real Estate industry moves to adopt digital technology is changing how its business is conducted and information is gathered.  With technology being built at a rapid pace for the real estate industry, there are many issues forming with how data should be handled and consumed.  Where can this information be accessed?  How can I get this information through an API?  Are there fees involved and if so, should there be?


As demand for technology increases, so does the need for access to information for these products to be built.  So, data, where art thou?  – without a place to efficiently and effortlessly access real estate information such as property data, it will only strain the growth of technology and the real estate sector as a whole. 


We currently see numerous initiatives in the MLS sector like having a single platform with integration standards for organizations to add their property data feeds into and in turn, can license that data out to companies looking to consume that data through an API.  This of course is a great step forward in helping to consolidate property data and make it easier to access for technology companies.


One of Particle Space’s core goals is to make building real estate technology easy.  By providing software developers with a “developer-first” mentality.   We give them all the tech tools they need to quickly and efficiently build real estate products.  Another area we support is open-sourcing areas of information that make life easier for weekend coders or the full-time developer who is working at a startup – building the next Zillow.


By creating a community of technologists inside the real estate industry that have an open-source and open-data mentality.  We can help skyrocket the growth of technology within this industry like never before.  This is why we support initiatives like that focus on creating a community-driven collection of the world’s real estate data—inspiring the next generation of developers and technology platforms for Real Estate.


Imagine if all real estate data was accessible through a simple tool like Google Search.  The creation of listing, investment, construction, proptech, and fintech platforms would be like something we’ve never seen before.  Creating new businesses. Industries, and ultimately helping the consumer.


Let’s all strive to continue to do good for all of Real Estate.



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