With current concerns about shootings in schools, malls, and the workplace, Particle Space has been working on a solution that will help law enforcement and civilians respond to active shooter situations. Now, we are proud to announce a partnership with a leading creator of indoor gunshot detection systems.

Our proprietary software allows you to monitor activity in your buildings from anywhere in the world. Integrated sensors pin point, using our 3D technology, where a gun shot was detected and can provide instant alert notifications to authorities.

Because our platform implements into all forms of sensors, law enforcement could use our mobile application to see the suspects area of interest and even trigger lockdowns on buildings, if that building has controlable locks.

By being able to provide useful, real-time alerting that can show you exactly where in a building suspected gunshots are detected, we believe this can have a dramatic impact on our communities safety and help reduce loss of life because of the immediate awareness on Active Shooters.

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